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Local Small Business SEO

Local SEO is becoming an increasingly important factor for small and local businesses to get their sites ranked successfully on the major search engines. Google in particular have been highlighting the importance that local search factors and parameters will have in the future. Although the internet continues to increase it is becoming more locally focused. This is an ideal place to find out more about SEO in Local

Getting the fundamentals right in search engine optimisation is incredibly important. You can have a website that looks great, delivers a clear and concise message to potential clients and customers, and has a user friendly and accessible interface but if no-one ever visits the site then it’s worthless.

Small business SEO can help a business online

Triple Word Score SEO

The older and still important aspects of SEO are still important but they need to be part of an ongoing and targeted strategy that will concentrate on finding the right customers for you in your locality. The new direction that search engine optimization is taking encompasses social media, business reviews and citations, site speeds, traffic (and its sources) also a healthy and relevant keyword and linking structure.

SEO can be daunting but done in the right way it can increase your business website position in the search engine results pages very quickly and with long term effects.

Talking Life can help you to achieve this. Our approach is pro-active and direct and we believe we can quickly improve your rankings with a view to achieving long term stability and ultimately profitability for your local business through your website.

Whether you offer a local service to your customers, sell products online or even want to promote a local community group or event we can help you with your local SEO in Local and the surrounding areas.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at any time and we’ll be happy to take a look at your business and suggest how we can work together to move forwards