Logo Animation

Logo animation can have a spectacular, professional and brand boosting effect on your business.

Now, more than ever, it is important to stand out in the online crowd. You need to take steps to establish your local business as one that is more professional, more innovative, more successful and ultimately more worthy of custom than your competition.

The animations themselves will look great on your website. This is one that I’ve created for my site.

This is a relatively simple logo animation but I think you’ll agree looks great and highly professional.

The great thing about this type of animation – especially for helping small business – is that they can be adapted to be used as striking and effective calls to action for social media accounts too.

Social signals are a massive factor in local SEO and are vitally important getting your business and brand to the forefront of the minds of your potential customers. A call to action at the end of a You Tube video gives a strong and memorable reminder to your social community and keeps them engaged with you and your brand.

You can see below a quick video animation for my Twitter account as well as a selection of the other social media accounts we can create for.

These enagaging calls to action look amazing and create a lasting impression. Your customers are important and social media gives you a great opportunity to build rapport and retain custom – and that ultimately leads to repeat custom, free word of (social) mouth advertising and a further boost to your brand awareness.

We can produce these types of video snippets for all the major social platforms, including FaceBook, YouTube, Vimeo and Google+. We also offer loads of different types of animation options and we’re sure we can create the perfect one for your business.

Here’s a little montage that I’ve put together to highlight some of the different animations that we can produce for you. Thanks to all the websites involved for allowing us to use their logos.

We’ll be adding a lot more as we produce them so please check back with us or Contact Us with your ideas and requirements.

Making your business different, striking, memorable and better isn’t going to be a quick fix anymore. Talking Life can help you to build your local business over time, and build your brand through various methods such as local search engine optimisation, video production and enhancement and also ensuring your site is mobile friendly.