Mobile Friendly

Google Want Us All to be Mobile Friendly

Google is the king of search. They make the rules and everyone would do well to follow them, especially in Local SEO

The latest Google update concerns websites being ‘Mobile Friendly,’ and they are very happy to tell us about it. Just type in Mobilegeddon into any search engine and the results are there to see.

Make sure your local business website is ready for Mobilegeddon

This Mobile Friendly Update is perhaps the most important change so far for local businesses and particularly trades that rely heavily on being searched for and found via mobile.

On April 21, 2016, Google made their changes and this is being applied globally. It is perhaps important to note that search results now appear in 2 completely different ways. The “Traditional” way is the desktop results table but now mobile search has it’s own set of results as it now accounts for approximately 66% of people’s searching.

The massive increase in Smart phone use has changed the way people browse and interact and consequently the way they look for local tradesman, local services and local businesses.

All local sites should be mobile friendly so their search results don't sufferAs a business owner, or indeed any website owner (even Amazon!) it is now of paramount importance that you are Mobile Friendly. Without this capability Google will now start to punish you, or at least start to favour other sites in your business sector that are complying with their requirements. You can have the greatest website in the world, offering fantastic services at competititve prices but if you aren’t being found by local search then it’s all for nothing.

You can quickly test your site to see if your site is ready: Click Here

If your site doesn’t pass, don’t worry we can help you to fix the problem quickly so you don’t suffer from Google’s latest update. Just use the Contact Form and we’ll be in touch to help you get it sorted.